Clinically Oriented Anatomy

Keith L. Moore, Arthur F. Dalley & Anne M. R. Agur

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HD average student's BMS2011 Final Exam Notes

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HD BMS2011 Notes

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HD average student's BMS2011 Master Cranial Nerve Guide

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HD average student's BMS2011 Master Muscle Guide

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BMS2011 Notes

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BMS2011 Lecture Notes (HD)

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Similar to the comment below, the whole semester felt super dense in this unit. The only pro of this unit being online was that we could consult our diagram and notes, which meant that memorising absolutely everything wasn't necessary. That being said, this unit is stressful because theirs a large amount of content AND it paces super fast. My advice for anyone doing this unit is to brace yourself and accept that their is only so much you can know about the human body in one semester. I'd have to give this unit a 3/5 for a few reasons: 1. We lacked physical models/cadavers which made understanding the anatomy significantly harder. 2. The lecture quality was super variable. Some lectures were very clear, others would put you to sleep of make you go 'huh. Some of the lecturers weren't native English and despite trying their very best, it was sometimes difficult to always comprehend what they were saying. 3. The integration of human evolution isn't done very well, and feels more tacked on then anything. It's also strange that we learn about human evolution of structures (e.g. cranium, lower limbs etc.) before we have actually studied them in modern humans. The main assessment is the large scientific poster worth 30%. It was supposed to tie in the 'human evolution' with 'anatomy' but many students felt like they were researching papers unrelated to their actual studies. I have to say that my topic was pretty relevant but I knew a few topics that were loosely connected to what we'd studied. Overall I did well in this assignment, but definitely felt as though a lot of our marks were up to how the assessors were feeling in that particular moment. The biggest problem with this unit is that it doesn't give students the confidence they need to progress to the next area of study. Often I'd spend hours studying upper and lower limb anatomy and BAM the next topic is completely unrelated. I get that this is anatomy and each region/part of the body is pretty unique, but unlike other units this unit felt like it was split into 24 separate 'mini' units which we had to learn. A more integrated approach, perhaps with pre-lecture questions from previous weeks, would have had a chance for students to apply themselves more. The labs weren't really useful for me, especially since their was such a rapid rush to get through everything in around 30 minutes - 1 hour. However, many other students found them useful and I have to admit their were times I looked back and found some really useful advice. Overall this unit isn't the worst by any means, but improvements need to be made. I think the unit coordinators need to step up their game and listen to students more, focusing on engagement with lecture content. All I can say is that if a random youtube channel can teach me more than the lectures, something needs to be changed.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Terrible unit. I had to do this unit in semester 1 of 2020 so I'm not sure if this was because of COVID or if its always like this but this unit is garbage. Really harsh markers on the in semester poster assignment, practicals assessed stuff that we were told wouldn't be assessed in lectures. The unit coordinators made the exam harder because it was open book even though everyone really struggled to learn the content without labs in the first place. They didn't throw us a single bone this semester despite how much harder it was to learn everything online and I'm incredibly disappointed that it ruined what looked like it could be an interesting unit. The TAs were nice tho, really upset I didn't get to see them in person.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

The most interesting 2nd-year unit. Practicals are unique, whilst the exams and mid-semester test content are all covered in the lectures. So focus on the small details.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Very good unit apart from disorganised in-semester assessments and surprises on the mid-sem and exam!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Can honestly say this is a really interesting unit. Labs are only useful if you ask questions and interact with the demonstrators.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Good unit. The labs can be a bit disorganised but they are really interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015