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BME3032 was one of the stand out units throughout the entirety of my Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences course. The unit co-ordinator, Dr. Helen Ackland, is very involved with the cohort and is a lecturer that encourages active learning/participation. She learns each students name (she remembered all of ours - 70+ students). The tutorials explore fascinating and often controversial scenarios that exist in the healthcare system today. As the tutors are transparent with their expectations, the assignments are well explained and with the proper preparation, it is very easy to obtain high marks. My tutor was a practising emergency trauma physician at the Alfred Hospital and would recount real life encounters in her 20+ years of experience. I can't recommend it enough. Additional information: If you intend on applying for post-graduate medicine, Helen and the other tutors have extensively participated in the interview panel for numerous top universities. They assisted in preparing many of the students for their interviews, and many of the students excelled in their interviews due to their advice/experience.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015