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Great unit. I would do it again 100%. Really easy if you have a decent memory. You don't have to do well to do well - you just have to be better than others in the cohort (which is pretty easy lmao). Personally, this unit was as entertaining as it was easy. The moodle forum and the BEX2001 facebook page provided great entertainment post-exam. Would thoroughly recommend this unit if you are at all driven and accept the reality that you need to memorize stuff for an exam lol.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

beware!! I was so excited to do this unit because I wanted to learn all the basics of finance that are applicable to everyday life and the future. The unit is only online (which I thought was great) however it does NOT cover an equal amount of content that a 2hr lecture would normally cover. These lessons had a RIDICULOUS amount of content (and i've done many content heavy units) and the lessons took hours to complete. With that, you have a book to read and remember the basics of. There are two tests, one mid-sem and one final. There were multiple complaints of the layout of the mid-semester test. It was horrible. And i don't mean, it was hard because we didnt study. We all enrolled in this unit because it was practical, and would teach us how to apply the knowledge to situation (it says that in the unit guide also). The questions in the test were solely based on memory, with a major question being on ONE specific document that was in one of the lessons and if you did not remember this SPECIFIC, one of many documents that did not actually demonstrate what we were learning, you would get basically no marks. With all the content that is required, the test is very short with NO questions that allow you to actually use common sense and apply your understanding. All of these issues were brought to the attention of the Chief Examiner. What he responded? "The assessment team thought the test was appropriate". That's it!!! These tests are worth majority of the units grade, now I'm shit scared the final test will be even worse!! I worry more about the amount of content I have to get through than actually learning the basics I could use in the future. You can learn this stuff elsewhere, if you are busy and want to do well this wont be a quick and easy unit to complete like we all thought. Don't Do it!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017