Intro Human Geography


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ATS2547: Cities and Sustainability

Written by Stephanie

These HD notes cover the full semester of ATS2547: Cities and Sustainability. They are based on all...

11 pages, 2780 words


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This unit had interesting enough content but the unit was disorganised. The readings are identical to the lectures so aren't worth doing but the major downside was the assessments. I ended up having 70% of the units mark due in week 10. The field trip report (40%) lacked clarity and guidance but was easy to do well on because there wasn't much of a marking rubric. The group oral (30%) was also easy enough to do well on if you were willing to start before the night before.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Really didn't enjoy my time with this unit very much. The course content was vague and poorly organised, and there vas incredibly little guidance for the field trip and the field trip report. On the other hand there is a range of assessment which keeps you engages and ensures one bad mark won't destroy your mark.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017