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really conceptually engaging, enlightening unit; manageable and rewarding if you consistently maintain engagement and do the work early. assessments are manageable, just start early + take necessary time to think about the concepts and I recommend consulting with your tutor for guidance (re: Assignment 1 and Case Study Essay particularly) The concept of 'the public sphere' and associated societal issues explored. It has made me view and critique contemporary life/ world with more nuance and perspective. Brett's a great lecturer. try get Tom as your tutor, then you're set. Liked how commencing each week, the lecturer/tutors gave us the opportunity to share our perspectives/ life experiences to stimulate conversation and thinking around the weekly topic. IMPORTANT: the subject matter is interesting and manageable if you pay attention, particularly during the first 4 foundational weeks, cant stress this enough. I learnt the hard way, the first 4 weeks are crucial to solidify your comprehension of the Public Sphere foundational concepts/ history, as they underpin everything else and makes the rest of the semester ( related issues/topics/ assessments) much easier to understand, manage and rewardable. (Yes, actually do or even skim + keep up with the readings; and clarify any questions/ concepts your unsure of with your tutor or lecturer, Brett is very happy to sit and speak with you about topic)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018