Alter Ego + A2 Livre de l eleve CD ROM

Annie Berthet, Emmanuelle Dail, Catherine Hugot

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Alter ego 2

Annie Berthet, Catherine Hugo, Beatrix Sampsonist, Veronique M. Kizirian, Monique Waendendries

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Written by Bec

Weeks 1-10 Lecture and Tutorial Notes - useful for the Culture Test held in week 11.

21 pages, 6072 words


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a little harder than ATS2063, I felt like there were more assessments during the semester but there was no written end of semester exam - there was one for oral. If you stay on top of work during the semester, you'll do really well. Lectures were good, felt like they were more useful because they were tested - but kind of didn't like the mini pre-reading quizzes before each lecture - felt like I was always going to forget to do them and lose marks

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018