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Detailed (HD) ATS1264 Notes

Written by Elizabeth

Comprehensive, in depth notes and lecture notes for ATS1263. Includes summary/recap of course, plus...

57 pages, 15611 words

ATS1264 summarised notes including lecture notes and readings

Written by Juliette

These notes cover week 1-12 (excluding week 6 which was a week off), they are a combination of infor...

44 pages, 21442 words


Written by Bec

Comprehensive Lecture and Tutorial Notes for Weeks 1-12.

60 pages, 25875 words

HD ATS1264 Summary Notes

Written by Ellie

These notes are summaries of every lecture and reading for weeks 1-12 for ATS1264. They are very d...

63 pages, 20621 words

Semester Notes

Written by Benjamin

These notes are for the exam. They collate the major contentions and points from all of the readings...

7 pages, 2011 words


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Run by the philosophy people from Arts this subject is definitely intellectually stimulating. However this subject is a lot to take in, lots of reading and lots of memorising papers (author, main contention etc). Links in theory to science but definitely more suited to arts students than those studying science

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013