Alter Ego+ A1 methode de francais

Berthet et al

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Alter Ego A1 (Textbook + CD)

Berthet et al

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Alter Ego A1 (Workbook)

Berthet et al

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Practising French Grammar

Roger Hawkins, Richard Towell, Marie-Noelle Lamy

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Essential French Dictionary and Grammar


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Alter go 1 workbook

Berget A & Hugo C

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Alter Ego Méthode De Français A1

Berthet A & Hugo C

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Alter Ego + A1 Textbook


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English Grammar for Students of French, 7th Edition

Jacqueline Morton

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(12) ALTER EGO +1 WB

Annie Berthet, Catherine Hugot, Emmanuelle Daill, Monique Waendendries

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A lot of assignments. A lot of studying required outside of classes. I found that the amount of work I had to do for this unit left me with little time to focus on my other units. All in all, I would only recommend it for those who are really prepared to work HARD. I really enjoyed the unit overall.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016