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Ruined my interest in studying the history of religion at Monash, and it is a shame because ATS1040 is an interesting and organised unit. ATS1041, however, is a bit of a joke. Took this class online, students would ask questions on the forum about upcoming assignments & exams and would never receive a response. Feedback on assignments was always ridiculously vague. Or if it wasn't vague it was just negative, you could get a good mark on something but never be told what part of the assignment you actually did right, or what worked well, just a whole list of everything that was wrong? Really put me off taking another class in this field if it is going to be run in a similar way or by the same people.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

This subject involves a week by week overview of the main religions you'd expect it to cover of on. Its a pretty basic first year course, so expect to spend some time covering off on things like essay writing and how to reference correctly. Overall, it provides a good overview of the major world religions, however its not a super easy HD. Some work is required.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013