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SPE2104 exam notes

Written by Jess

covers all exam topics - neurology - hearing - fluency Neural Development: • Explain embr...

49 pages, 8500 words

SPE2104 - Hearing notes

Written by Rebecca

Covers all topics of hearing for the exam/semester.

9 pages, 1832 words

SPE2104 - Fluency notes

Written by Rebecca

Covers all the learning objectives for fluency.

27 pages, 5074 words

Stuttering Speech Pathology Notes SPE2104

Written by Kaysie

 Explain the epidemiology of stuttering  Describe the major characteristics/behaviours of stutter...

14 pages, 2000 words

Hearing Notes Speech Pathology

Written by Kaysie

 Describe prenatal hearing development.  Identify risk factors for developing a hearing loss. ...

11 pages, 2000 words

Neurology Speech Pathology Notes

Written by Kaysie

 Neural Development:  Explain embryonic and foetal brain development  Describe the development...

11 pages, 2000 words


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