Qualitative Research Methods

Pranee Liamputtong

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Research Applications and Ethical Issues Summarised exam notes

Written by Jemma

weeks 1 - 12 content included: - theoretical frameworks; ethics; rigour - interpretative phenome...

16 pages, 4500 words

RM exam revision notes

Written by Bec

- theoretical frameworks - methodologies - methods - rigour - interviews - focus groups - samp...

10 pages, 1748 words

Exam preparation: Summary of lectures

Written by Kate

Topics include: - Epistemology - Theoretical Frameworks - Methodologies (IP, Grounded theory, di...

4 pages, 1040 words

Research Applications and Ethical Issues Exam Revision

Written by Kaysie

These notes cover qualitative research in depth. The topics include: - An overview of qualitative...

15 pages, 2930 words

Exam Review Notes

Written by Tessa

Summaries of the unit content.

11 pages, 2106 words


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Important theoretical issues are addressed, providing students with the epistemology and frameworks that will guide all their future research endeavours.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014