Principles of Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia

Kelley Burton, Wayne Thomas Crofts, Stella Tarrant

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Criminal II Exam notes

Written by Alicia

Comprehensive, scaffolded notes highlighting relevant elements and cases. Covers all components of t...

65 pages, 23969 words

LAW1214: Criminal Law 2 Exam Notes

Written by Jesse

End of semester exam notes for LAW1214: Criminal Law 2. Includes an overview of each topic in the u...

18 pages, 7359 words

Criminal Law 2 - Exam Notes

Written by Adam

Detailed Provisions, notes, cases and interpretation of provisions for Criminal Law 2 as per the Cri...

34 pages, 11552 words


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exp. Qualif. sol. Hons Law. 2006 (LLB/LP)(Hons) BSc (Hons in Immunology) IMDT (dietitian APD) MHN (...


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I completed my law degree in 2016, graduating with Honours. I achieved a HD average in Criminal L...