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Molecular Basis of Disease Entire Unit Content

Written by Hannah

146 pages of lecture content. Summarised for your benefit. Extremely good quality including; diagra...

146 pages, 19320 words

Molecular Basis of Disease Lecture Notes (Entire Unit)

Written by Bree

Comprehensive lecture note summaries for the entire unit, includes diagrams where necessary.

44 pages, 15659 words

Test One and Two Revision Notes (also Exam revision)

Written by Georgina

Notes on lectures 2-13. These were the lectures covered for tests one and two during the semester, a...

22 pages, 5400 words

2016 Exam Revision Notes

Written by Georgina

2016 Exam Revision Notes on the lecture content of lectures 14-22. These are the most heavily weight...

24 pages, 7289 words


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