Contemporary Strategic Management

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Strategic Management Summary Notes (High Distinction Grade)

Written by David

These summary notes cover each topic covered in MMM365. It summarizes material from both the lec...

53 pages, 9871 words

MMM365 Strategic Management EXAM Notes

Written by Belinda

Thorough and concise study notes comprising of information sourced from lecture notes, the textbook,...

46 pages, 8161 words

Strategic Management summary notes

Written by Alexis

Summarises the unit according to the textbook with hyperlinks throughout the document and charts fro...

31 pages, 5396 words

Strategic Management Summary Notes

Written by Lucy

Thorough topic chapter summaries ideal for exam preparation

63 pages, 15300 words


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Liked the subject, interesting ways to direct an organisation. Only issue was that the assignment was marked harshly

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2012