Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers

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Uniform Evidence Law

Stephen Odgers, Elisabeth Peden, Miiko Kumar

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Uniform Evidence Law

Miiko Kumar, Stephen Odgers, Elisabeth Peden

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Uniform Evidence Law

CCH Publishing Australia

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Deakin MLL334 Evidence Notes

All topics and rules covered throughout the trimester: Introduction to evidence ( burden and standar...

87 pages, 38782 words

✅ 90 HD APPROVED - MLL334 / MLP334 Evidence Comprehensive Exam Notes (Updated for 2024)

These are my fully comprehensive detailed notes for MLL334 / MLP334 (Revised for 2024). This is all...

71 pages, 29408 words


Phew, I can't believe I actually did it. I got a HD in Evidence. Let me tell you, it really wasn't e...

143 pages, 70714 words

Deakin MLL334 Evidence Short Notes (suitable for exam)

Covers the following topics and rules: - Witnesses: Competence and Compellability, Examination-in-C...

40 pages, 16502 words

Evidence Law Answer Templates For Exam - *MUST HAVE*

These Evidence Law answer templates are a must have for the exam, if you take these templates into t...

29 pages, 10070 words

Evidence Law Notes

These notes are a compilation of lecture materials, cases, legislation, the study guide and weekly r...

156 pages, 85682 words

Evidence Summary Guide

This is a brief summary of the different elements of Evidence. Includes steps to answering an exam q...

20 pages, 7494 words

Comprehensive Evidence Law notes HD

These notes are the perfect guide to Evidence law - was the only thing I brought into the exam and a...

160 pages, 42757 words

HD Evidence Notes + Templates + Prac Exam & Answers

Includes detailed notes on each topic of the unit, answer templates for each topic that can be appli...

102 pages, 33967 words


Relevant legislation is written in red text, and relevant cases are written in green text for easy i...

151 pages, 77350 words


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Theo is actually a great lecturer, when he is there, although does like to gloat about his high profile cases! So many cancelled lectures and fill-in lecturers, I feel like they need someone actually committed to teaching as it was very inconsistent. Assignment instructions were vague and it was harshly marked. But interesting content.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

The lecturer for Burwood was not enjoyable at all and didn't seem to be that familiar with the content. If access had been given to the Geelong lectures it would've been better.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Read the prescribed text- it is brilliant and easy to read. Assignment a little difficult as it is an essay, however exam not too tricky if you understand the text book and study guide.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

A very interesting subject, especially with our very interesting lecturer. The evidence Act is your bible so make sure you grab a copy of it!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2012