Personal Injury Compensation in Victoria

Dean Churilov

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Personal Injury Compensation in Victoria

Dean Churilov

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Written by Hene

These highly detailed notes were all I needed to achieve a HD for MLL315 Personal Injuries Compensat...

111 pages, 49922 words

HD QUALITY - Personal Injuries - Exam Notes

Written by Sam

The notes include: - All topics covered in the MLL315 course - Annotated lecture notes - Materi...

127 pages, 44990 words

Personal Injuries Compensation Schemes Comprehensive Notes and Case Law Summaries

Written by Isabella

These comprehensive notes include - notes from prescribed readings, revision slides and lecture not...

127 pages, 70750 words

Personal Injury Compensation Schemes Notes

Written by Madison

Includes lecturer's notes as well as sections from the WIRC act and TA act in a succinct manner. Thi...

176 pages, 69473 words

T3 2018 Personal injuries Compensation Scheme Notes (HD)

Written by Cheree

T3 2018 Deakin notes including case summaries and legislative snippets. Notes are a mixture of topic...

148 pages, 77123 words

Personal Injuries & Compensation Schemes HD Exam Summary Notes

Written by Joe

Personal Injuries & Compensation Schemes summary notes, perfect for exam study. Includes the possibl...

115 pages, 33424 words

HD Exam and Assignment Notes/Answer Template - MLL315

Written by Samantha

Concise and comprehensive notes based on lectures and the prescribed readings for this subject. Form...

51 pages, 10843 words

Topic notes and hypothetical answer guides

Written by Luke

Extensive notes for each topics. Plus a hypothetical exam answer guide for each topic

214 pages, 87267 words


Written by Michael

Complete exam notes for MLL315 Personal Injuries Compensation Schemes. I'm uploading these before th...

82 pages, 28000 words


$90 per hour

Experienced qualified solicitor with 12 years teaching experience. Lecturer and tutor. LLB/LP (hons...