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MIS203 Making Sense of Information NOTES

Written by STEPH

Covers everything taught throughout the whole unit (covers all topics). I found these notes really...

61 pages, 20673 words

NEW 2017 - MIS203 Making Sense of Information Extensive Notes

Written by HUY

- Complete notes for the unit MIS203 - All topics covered in great detail - Content from tutorial...

64 pages, 20344 words

MIS203 Complete Lecture Notes

Written by Lewis

In-depth and thorough notes explaining in detail all important topics and ideas needed to complete t...

61 pages, 18667 words


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Good unit

Anonymous, Trimester 1, 2019

Very dry unit. This unit tells you all about how to deal with information overload but the content is so overloading its ridiculous. Lectures are dry, no textbook, best advice is make notes using the lecture slides and you will get an easy D or HD

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017