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HSE203 Exercise Behaviour: Exam Revision Notes

Written by Michael

A comprehensive set of notes for each module which will provide helpful as a revision tool. Includes...

65 pages, 8275 words

HSE203 Exam Notes

Written by Elysha

Detailed notes of each module

27 pages, 6027 words


Written by Athena

Clean and tidy comprehensive notes for modules (online lectures) and own notes

73 pages, 16051 words

HSE203 Exam Notes

Written by Dejan

A thorough compilation of notes from each module including module questions and the different study...

70 pages, 22617 words


Written by Melissa

A combination of lecture notes, personal notes and textbook notes set out in a clear and easy to und...

36 pages, 7120 words


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Not a bad subject. Beast of an assignment. If you absolutely smash it in the draft, you should be totally fine in the final assignment. Oh also, turning up to all of the seminars is a wise idea. You will do better if you turn up to all of the seminars as it takes you through the assignment step by step.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

I did HSE203 as an off campus student and found it rather dry and repetitive.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014