Australian and New Zealand Pharmacology in Nursing

Bonita Broyles, Barry S. Reiss, Mary E. Evans, Gayle McKenzie, Sussan Pleunik, Rachel Page

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HNN215 complete exam revision

Notes are complied week 1-6 from videos, weekly readings and further reading. Topics covered are:...

19 pages, 6399 words

HNN215 Exam Notes

These are a great resource to have while studying for exams. Each intended learning outcome for all...

27 pages, 8759 words

HNN215 complete drug diary

Comprehensive table of all drug classes that were covered in week 1-6. Drug classes covered are:...

20 pages, 3632 words

HNN215 Weekly Notes - weeks 1-7 learning outcomes

Includes all weeks of content, weeks 1-7 Week 1 - medicines used to treat pain Week 2 - Anti-inf...

47 pages, 13715 words

HNN215 Exam Notes

Complete and comprehensive notes complied from readings, videos and ILO’s from HNN215 - Quality Use...

52 pages, 7230 words

Drug Portfolio

A comprehensive study of all the drug classes covered during the semester! - Analgesic medications...

23 pages, 4250 words


Drug portfolio based on medication groups: - Pain Medications - Anti-Infective Medications - Card...

13 pages, 3191 words

HNN215 Intended Learning Outcomes

Weeks 1 - 6 Medications used to Treat Pain Anti-infective medications Antimicrobial resistance M...

14 pages, 5045 words

HNN215 Exam Preparation weekly notes

Exam and unit notes contains weekly seminar information as well as drug classes with specific exampl...

15 pages, 4463 words

HNN215 drug portfolio

Drug classes, examples, side effects, uses. Easy colour coordinated poster size notes!

5 pages, 810 words


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getting onto the drug diary and practicing drug calc from the get go makes this subject much easier. As well as brushing up on pathophys makes linking the medications much easier and therefore understanding drug charts will come naturally when on placement.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013

If you fail it the first time, the second time around is better! Main tip is to start the assignment early and keep up with your drug chart/drug classes which will help heaps for exams! Make the most out of your HNN227 placement, ask heaps of questions about medications to your buddy nurses!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013