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BMS192 Summary Notes

Written by Nathan

A summary of anatomy and physiology information on the following body systems derived from the text...

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I’m currently studying medical radiation. I did do biomedical science before transferring to this co...


BMS192 is a subject that really gets a lot of students down, especially due to the amount of content you are expected to cover in just one semester. Although I found the topics covered in this subject were engaging and really interested me. I think it is important to really break down this subject into its smaller topics and go from there. If you look at all of the content that you have to cover it can be quite overwhelming. I believe that as long as you complete the readings and attend lectures without falling behind you will pick up on information with more ease. I found that drawing pictures and watching Youtube videos on particularly difficult topics helped a lot. If you are unsure or struggling with a particular topic it is important to approach your lecturer early on as the information you are struggling with may be needed to understand consequent topics in the subject. I know a lot of people focus on learning the content in order to pass exams (yes you have to pass exams) but I believe that the content covered in BMS will be invaluable throughout your entire career.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015