Law for Nurses and Midwives

Patricia Staunton, Mary Chiarella

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Ethics and Law for Australian Nurses

Kim Atkins, Bonnie Britton, Sheryl de Lacey

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Law for Nurses & Midwives 7th edition

Staunton, Patricia J

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NRS123's content is very relatable to everyday situations and potential situations that may be encountered in the healthcare setting. The examples used are current, relevant and really put consequences into perspective. Moreover, the content is very similar to content in other subjects I studied and links in really well, allowing the information I learned to be consolidated. Furthermore, I believe it is extremely important not to fall behind by ensuring you are update to date with the relevant readings, lectures and other additional resources. This subject has made me even more conscience of potential consequences that may arise in the healthcare setting and allowed me to ensure I knew which resources were available to me to ensure I continue to practise with empathy, competence and compassion.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015