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This was a frustating course to do. There is a huge amount of material being given to the students on this. The animal physiology one had no notes given, so you are studying what you think is relevant. This part of the exam was multiplechoice, but, a big disapointment when the only prep that they give you is to look at previous exam papers! Pathetic really when you see how much money we pay per topic. Plant physiology is a great way to practice filtering through pages and pages of data, as you try and keep in mind 'Learning Outcomes' from 12 pages earlier. It's an immense amount of material that they are giving out. Assignments during the Semester do not give adequate prep for the exam. The exam is long-written response. Unless you prepare and practice for this type of exam, be prepared to be writing a lot for the 3 hour exam. Also, focus on the scientific names of the plants, so try not to even remember the 'common' plant names. This will give you a good headspace for the exam, when you have to explain Plants a/b/c, and the names are all scientific references. Study for this topic was huge. I found it very full-on and tricky to stay on top of it all. Good luck!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016