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This unit seemed to be one of those run by the Lecturer of 'here's the stuff to read, now see you in 12 weeks'. The amount of data being given to remember for the different ecosystems and biodiversity regions is bloody ridiculous. The exam is a 3 hour, long-written response and the Assignments seemed ridiculous. There was an Assignment every 1-2 weeks by the end. The quantity of data seemed like an overload. Focus on the scientific names of plants and animals. Reading in this topic was hectic. The hours spent on this topic per week was out of control. The exam was disappointing, especially when I thought I had prepped as best as I could. My only suggestion to other students is to keep revising from Week 1. The content just gets more full-on, as you can expect, per week. Trying to keep on top of it all, as well as your weekly assignments is ridiculous. Also, be preppared for a long wait with your plant assignments. We were not getting results for two weeks, and in the meantime, you have already done another assignment, so there was no chance to fix up mistakes that have been identified in earlier assignments, on your next assignment. Loss of precious points does add up...

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016