Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 3rd Edition

Nizette, Debra

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Stories in Mental Health 1e

Elder, Ruth

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NRSG210 Notes

- Thorough and easy to read notes - Diagrams and images included to assist in understanding Top...

13 pages, 3660 words

NRSG210 Semester Notes

These notes were formulated from the lectures and tutorials of NRSG210. The notes contain key info...

21 pages, 4310 words

NRSG210 Semester 1 Notes

-Self typed notes -Very thorough and easy to understand -Lots of tables and diagrams to help with...

48 pages, 10661 words


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Some of the assessment was not very straightforward and a bit confusing so would definitely recommend starting assignments as soon as possible!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018