Management Information Systems

Heather Gray, Tomayess Issa, Graeme Pye, Rex Kelly Rainer, Indrit Troshani, Brad Prince, Hugh James Watson

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Mgmt F&a (Ap) 2E+is3c


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Paul Davidson, David Poole, Peter Woods, Alan Simon, Ellen McBarron

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Fundamentals of Management: Asia Pacific Edition

Danny Samson, Richard L. Daft

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Paul Davidson, David Poole, Peter Woods, Alan Simon, Ellen McBarron

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MGMT100 Notes

Written by Emma

Detailed, succinct notes clearly separated into each topic with diagrams and clear headings which wi...

26 pages, 8029 words

MGMT 100: Foundations of Management Notes

Written by Karli

Notes taken from 'MGMT 100: Foundations of Management' lectures.

92 pages, 25954 words

MGMT100 Full Summary Notes

Written by Madi

Extensive Summary Notes on all topics covered in the unit. Clickable contents page makes it super...

69 pages, 16851 words

MGMT100 Foundations of Management: Revision notes

Written by Sarah

These notes provide a summary of the key topics learnt in MGMT100. In particular, these notes provid...

2 pages, 3145 words

Foundations of Management

Written by Ebony

Contains in-depth notes on all subjects covered through lectures and tutorials.

78 pages, 13762 words

MGMT: Notes

Written by Jemma

These notes are a summary off the lecture notes, textbook notes and my own examples.

42 pages, 10326 words

Lecture notes/exam revision

Written by Amy

Detailed. Pictures and diagrams included.

82 pages, 12379 words


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MGMT 100 involved a lot of theories and concepts, it is important to reflect the main ideas and understand them to be able to elaborate any assignments or exam questions. There is a lot of readings however by keeping up with the PowerPoints, will assist in time management for those who are full on.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Similar to business management in year 12.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016