Australian Property Law

Samantha Hepburn

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Australian Property Law

Samantha Hepburn

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LexisNexis Case Summaries - Real Property Law

Gary Newton, Jackie Cheung

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Written by Rosie

Contents Included! Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to the Torrens System 2. Exceptions to Indefea...

116 pages, 31564 words

Land Law - LAWS204 - Notes

Written by Georgia

Includes all 12 Lecture and tutorial notes with bolded headings, section numbers and limitations....

93 pages, 48003 words

*Distinction* Land Law Course Notes! — EXTREMELY COMPREHENSIVE!

Written by Jason

Land Law course notes, with which I received an overall distinction. I also provide tutoring for all...

142 pages, 62917 words

Comprehensive LAWS204 Land Law Exam Notes

Written by Emma

Fully comprehensive and detailed notes. Uses headings and complete contents page for easy and quick...

183 pages, 69771 words

LAWS204 Summary

Written by Jessie

LAWS204 Notes are broken down in the week by week topics and include case summaries directly under t...

87 pages, 45641 words

LAWS204 Land Law Exam Summary Notes

Written by Kayla

These LAWS204 notes include a summary of the following topics: -Core Torrens Concepts; -Indefeasib...

24 pages, 13204 words


Written by Natalie

Complete compilation of LAWS204 lecture notes, lecturer talking, textbook notes and tutorials, as we...

38 pages, 23300 words


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I am studying a Bachelor of Laws/Arts with a major in politics and minor in business studies. I have...