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EXSC198 Final Prac Exam Cheat Sheet

Written by Max

Here is a cheat sheet for the end of semester practical which includes the set up and protocol for t...

6 pages, 2339 words

EXSC 198 Health, Fitness & Performance notes

Written by Adam

All lecture content, some extra notes from books and journals for EXSC198.

34 pages, 8378 words

EXSC198 Prac notes

Written by Ashleigh

A great summary of what you need to know for the end of semester practical exam, as well as helpfull...

9 pages, 2932 words


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Hi, I'm studying Exercise Science/ Public Health in Melbourne I'm able to help you understand conce...


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Good subject, tutors are more than happy to help. Very easy if you are doing the study questions every week. Really just remembering a few equations theory wise. Practicals are fun and hands on so get involved :D

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015