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EXSC 198 Health, Fitness & Performance notes

All lecture content, some extra notes from books and journals for EXSC198.

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GPA 6.57 (HD average) Hi! I'm a current 3rd-year student studying a Bachelor of High Performance...


*now known as EXSC198: Physiological bases of exercise* The sem I did this was the time/ first year they combined 3 of the exphys units into 2 units. What used to be the first unit was done in the first 6 weeks, which was all about metabolism of the 3 different energy systems, and the second unit was split between the two new units, with wks 7-12 of the new unit focusing on muscle/ respiratory/ CV physiology the next 6 weeks (the second unit was divided between the two new units). The new unit was very content-heavy so make sure you start string and keep up to date with the lectures (even though they range from 2-4hrs of lecture material each week). I found it really helpful to listen to them on *1.5-*2 speed and just slow it down when I really needed to get my head around something important. Unit was set out really well and although it was hard it was forgiving as the "final exam" was split into two exams with a mid sem (testing the first 6 wks of content) and final exam (testing 7-12wks content). Make sure you engage in your tuts as the two assignments will be lap reports based on testing you will do in the lab, as well as the hurdle assessment at the end. I had Dr Phil Champman as a lecturer and he was fantastic! I always found him, and my tutor for the unit, happy to answer any questions so if you don't understand something just ask!! A lot of the content in this unit relies on understanding the first few weeks, as well as this unit being foundational to further units in your degree, so make sure you don't wait to get your head around something!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Good subject, tutors are more than happy to help. Very easy if you are doing the study questions every week. Really just remembering a few equations theory wise. Practicals are fun and hands on so get involved :D

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015