Techniques and Elements of Finance

Henry Leung

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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Australasian Second Edition

Hue Hwa Au Yong, Nigel Morkel-Kingsbury, Michael Dempsey, James Murray

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ACST101 HD Final Notes!!! (ALL INCLUDED)

Final Notes of everything from theory to calculations. Easy to read as it is presented in a week to...

41 pages, 8068 words

ACST101 Finance 1A - Study Notes

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55 pages, 9032 words

Finance 1A Complete Unit Notes

Informative and descriptive notes, with use of the textbook integrated to verify terms and technique...

40 pages, 17299 words

ACST101 - HD Summary Notes

Finance 1A notes with HD(89) Mark - Important concepts summarised - Highlighted / visualisatio...

8 pages, 2109 words


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Useful subject for finance students. If you are not good at math and don't like number, you might want to prepare in advance or get a tutor to help

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Great subject!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017