Job experience

So what do you actually do?

You will do things like:

  • develop a marketing plan
  • run market day stalls
  • talk to students
  • pro-actively hand out fliers
  • put up posters
  • devise creative strategies to engage students
  • liaise with campus organisations
  • report back to SMA
  • feedback new ideas to the client

There is no direct selling involved.


A full day of paid training is provided, covering communication and marketing skills, essential product knowledge and how to plan your team's campaign on campus. You then get to apply your active mind to fun and engaging ways to reach other students

Enhance your cv

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Each campaign runs for approximately 3 weeks of semester (including O-week). You must be available during this time.


You will be paid $22.50 per hour with an opportunity to earn bonuses.

It doesn't matter what degree you are studying as long as you are keen to learn and looking for a challenge!

Applicants will be contacted in December / January for a phone interview. Should you require any additional information, please email us

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