1 year ago

20 August, 2016

Mt Buller Ski Resort

Organised by:
VU International Student Association ISA

Have you ever been to the snow? Ever built a snowman or went down a snowcovered hill on a sledge?

If not, or if you are a true snow-enthusiast, you should join VU ISA and VUPA for a day at Mt Buller. It's one of the most beautiful resorts in Australia and definitely worthwhile. And as always, we are providing you with the biggest discount possible, so that you can enjoy a day-out without having to worry about your wallet.

Throughout the day, you'll enjoy loads of laughs and will be able to make heaps of friends while spending the day in a snowcovered winter-wonderland. We will also provide you with snacks throughout the day for all 3 meals. Please make sure to bring some pocket money, if you want to use the ski lifts or hire equipment.

Pick-up locations are as follows:
- 7.00am: Footscray Park Campus
- 7.30am: Federation Square

Make sure to bring some warm clothes and waterproof shoes. As we cannot control the weather (unfortunately), we are not able to guarantee you snow, but we hope for the best, and if there is no snow we will have other activities waiting for you ;).

This event is proudly co-hosted by VU ISA and VU's Postgraduate Association (VUPA).