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1 year ago

15 April, 2016


Organised by:
VU Postgraduate Association VUPA

Hello All,
VUPA is very excited to bring you a new event for the 2016 calender.
MONTHLY Chat n' Chews!

This is a opportunity to meet postgraduates, engage in conversation and also enjoy some free food on behalf of VUPA.

Time: 500PM -700PM
Where: VU Bar
When: Friday the 15th of March

Table Topics:
Is a simple actvitiy where we have a question or statement and each person can share their opinion and views in a safe enviroment around the table.
On then night you can submit your own table topics for discussion, these can be political, social, humerous etc.

Please feel free to submit your table topics also via private inbox!

VUPA is very excited to meet you and cant wait for you to enjoy being a part of the VUPA experience!!!