1 year ago

23 September, 2016

Victoria University - Footscray Park Campus

Organised by:
VU Postgraduate Association VUPA

Once a year, we meet to review the past year and to discuss in a large forum what worked and what didn't for VUPA.
We the executive will present the reports of all our respobilbities and followed by a formal election for the new team for 2017.

For everyone who is interested in nominating themselves for a position, this event is compulsory to get elected into the new team.

The Positions Avaialble are:
Vice President - Research
Vice President - Coursework

Autonomous Posititons:
LGBTI Officer
Women's Officer
(Dis)abiltites Officer
International Officer

How does it work? You will be given a short period of time for a speech maximum of 3 mintues this is to outline your skills, your goals and what you will bring to VUPA in 2017.
This speach is to be presented to all present postgraduate students of 2017 at the AGM.

To all other postgraduate students. This is your time to vote. Make sure your voices are heard and understood so that the new team can do a great job in supporting your needs.

5:30 Start
Food provided afterwards
Room: PB109

See you all there!