1 year ago

8 October, 2016

Melbourne's Multicultural Hub

Organised by:
Malaysian Association VUMA


Thinking of joining the big family and be part of us?
Here's your chance to show us your ability! :)
You will get to experience how is it like to work behind the scene with a big family that carry the same goal and create a great social network with the Malaysians and non-Malaysians in Melbourne!

Details are written below:

Date: 8 October 2016
Time: 5pm - 8pm
Venue: Multicultural Hub (opposite Queen Victoria Market)
Refreshment will be provided! :)

Positions Available:

[Executive Committee]
+ President
+ Vice President
+ Secretary
+ Treasurer
+ Creative Director
+ Event Director
+ Sponsorship Director

Decided on which position to run?
Now, here's the 3 steps that you are required to do:

1. Fill up the following Google Form:

2. Prepare a 2 minute long speech before the Annual General Meeting
[We want to know more about you!]

3. Prepare for a Q&A session from the crowd!

Important Notes:
*Even if you are not running for any positions, feel free to join as a VUMA member and vote for your preferred candidates!

Good Luck everyone!

See you there!