1 year ago

12 September, 2016

Footscray Park

Organised by:
College of Education Society

The college of Education and the college of Arts are joining in 2017, so we are having a joint AGM to fill the positions for next year.

Positions available:
Vice President
Events Officers
Recruitment Officers

Joining the society is a great opportunity for many reasons! It is something to add to your resume, it counts towards community service and leadership hours, great networking opportunities that can also lead to job opportunities, and more!

The meeting will be held on Monday the 12th of September, at 5:30pm, in the VUSU boardroom (in the student lounge) in Building M, at the Footscray Park campus.

Please try to arrive before 5:30 so we can start on time.
Pizza will be provided during the meeting.

If you would like to nominate yourself for one of the positions, please think of a sentence or two as to why you would be good for this position.

For any questions, please email vues@live.vu.edu.au

We hope to see you there!!