3 years ago

5 August, 2015

VUSU Lounge Footscray Park

Organised by:
VU Pride

The Queer Agenda is an event we are holding to get your input in to VU Prides bright, and im sure colourful future.

The afternoon will run in two sections with brainstorming, networking, eating pizza and drinking soft drink throughout.

Also there will be the chance to win a door prize just for attending!!!

This event is to see those passionate about VU Pride and what we do. Also to those who really want VU to be as inclusive as possible and care for the LGBTQIA and Gender Diverse community.

This event will be broken up into two parts
Part A: VU Pride as a collective and what we want to see from the club as a whole
Part B: Autonomous groups this will be where people split into CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse), Women (Female identifiying), TISGD (Transgender, Intersex, Gender Diverse) and other attendees will work with the Ally group in creating a good support program.

This will be a fantastic event to meet motivated individuals and people passionate about this incredible collective.

this event is ALLY INCLUSIVE

Also responses throughout the event can be submitted via post-it note if preferred the spoken word

Wednesday the 5th
Time 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Where: VUSU Lounge Footscray Park