2 years ago

9 May, 2016

University of WA - Oak Lawn

Organised by:
UWA Debating Union

Join us for a three day debate series with public figures and some of the shapest minds from the UWA Debating Union where we dive in to some of the contemporary social issues that are at the forefront of public discussion.

Monday 1-2pm - Women in Advocacy
MCS LT (G33 in Bayliss Building)
Join some notable speakers into a panel discussion on Advocacy in the 21st Century, the role women play in that movement and the vision for the future. Speakers: Drisana Levitzke-Gray, Kate Davis, Linda Savage, Lesley Reece and Ashlee Harrison

Wednesday 1-2pm - Ethics of Veganism
Listen to some of the philosophers on the forefront of animal rights have a debate and Q & A into the ethics of veganism. Speakers announced soon!

Thursday 1-2pm - Queer Rights Debate
Watch an exciting UWADU vs the Queer Department debate on whether marriage equality has been the correct priority for the LGBTIQ movement