1 year ago

31 October, 2016

Tunley Lecture Theatre

Organised by:
Music Students Society (MSS)

It’s that time again where we elect our new committee for the new year!

Even if you are not running for a position (which you should!), please come along to support and elect your peers!
Only Financial members* and those studying a MUSIC unit are allowed to vote. There will be a list at the door before entry to sign your name off.

The following positions are open:
- President
- Social Vice-President
- Education Vice-President
- Concerts Vice-President
- Welfare and Outreach Officer
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- Publications Officer**
- Sports Representative
- Ordinary Committee Member (x2)

*MSS has 3 member types:
~ Financial = paid to be an MSS member and study a MUSC unit
~ Non-financial = only study a MUSC
~ Associate = paid to be an MSS member but don't study a MUSC

Only the first two types of members can vote and only financial members can run for positions.

If you are interested in fulfilling one of the above positions, please fill out the form below with your NAME and the POSITION(S) you wish to run for by SUNDAY THE 30th at 11:59pm

~~ https://goo.gl/forms/EA2LuSSp5eTAsGKt2 ~~

On the day, you will need to be prepared to stand up and give a brief speech about who you are, what you do, why you want to be elected to the position, and what you plan to achieve if you are nominated. If you are running for more than one position, you need to prepare a speech for all of these positions.
For President, you will be required to speak for up to 3 minutes, all other positions up to 2 minutes, and OCMs need only speak for 1 minute maximum.

**Nominees for Publication Officers must submit a portfolio for review. A decision will then be voted by the 2017 committee.

To be eligible for any of these positions, you must be enrolled in a MUSC**** unit. All of these positions are a FULL YEAR COMMITMENT, so please consider your availability before nominating yourself.
(As by our constitution, it states that only Financial members may be eligable to run, as we are amending the constitution, please read below what we are proposing to change)

This year we have reviewed our current constitution as it has not been reviewed since 2012. We found many items that needed correcting/updating.
These suggested corrections will be posted below and will be voted on at the AGM and anyone enrolled in a MUSC**** unit is eligable to vote for the changes. Please note that one specific change (noted above in eligibility) will alter who can run should it be passed. Please consider this when nominating yourself.

Should any students have a motion to put forward, please email Jess at president@uwamss.org.au for it to be considered at the AGM

Please follow the link below to see the 2012 Constitution, the 2016 Proposed Constitution and the Proposed Ammendments to the Constitution. Please refrian from commenting your opinion as we are a democratic society and will be taking the changes to a vote at the AGM so that our members can decide.


If you have any queries, concerns, or would like more info about what is involved in each of the positions, please feel free to contact Jess Porter-Langson for information.

We look forward to welcoming a new committee in 2017!