1 year ago

11 October, 2016

UWA Moot Court

Organised by:
Blackstone Law Students Society

The Blackstone Society is holding it's Annual General Meeting next Tuesday. FREE PIZZA will be provided for all that attend. So come down and hear what your Society has been up to all year.

Remember, all nominees for the 2017 Blackstone Committee must come to the AGM to confirm their nomination. Any nominee's that can't make the AGM must nominate a proxy in their place. Go to http://www.blackstone.asn.au/blackstone-elections/ and 'submit a question about Blackstone elections'. Provide your name, the name of your proxy, and the positions that the proxy will be confirming for you.

Head to http://www.blackstone.asn.au/agm-2016 for more information.

See you there!