3 years ago

13 May, 2015


Organised by:
Dance UWA

You do NOT want to miss out on the first ever collab by Dance UWA & ECOMS! As you can imagine, it’s going to be a pretty feisty night with good vibes, great music and of course… angelic singing!

Hosted at The Claremont Hotel you’ll be treated to student priced drinks including:

- $5 shots
- $8 pints

Tickets will be sold Monday-Thursday on Oak Lawn from 12-2pm. Secure yours today or message your nearest Dance UWA/ECOMS Committee Member to get your hands on a limited number of these golden tickets.

- $10 for members (DUWA or ECOMS)
- $15 for non-members


- Karaoke

You’ll have an incredible night with a great bunch of people and let’s be honest, you probably won’t be out of the house for a few weeks after this as you try and learn 4 whole units for exams. Student life. SO COME. BRING FRIENDS. MEET NEW PEOPLE.

18+, ID required.
Drink responsibly.
Don’t drink & drive, don’t let your friends drink & drive.