3 years ago

18 August, 2015


Organised by:
UWA Arts Union

COMING SOON from the UWA Arts Union
It's the big night in.

RATHER than a Tuesday bender, have a game of Tuesday twister. Or, if you are so inclined, curl up against your mates and unleash the inappropriate hilarity of Cards Against Humanity. There will be multiple games and many opportunities to play, so prepare to hop around and meet new people.

WHAT place could be better for such a night than the Tav. Our Tav. The infamous waterhole in which almost all our freshers can now water themselves. What refreshment could be finer for this evening than the new Tav drinks list?

AS the most philosophically-inclined of the FACSOCs, the Arts Union understands that life is lived in the simple pleasures. Like trying to one-up your friends' terrible jokes while sipping a sweet glass of Long Island iced tea.

TICKETS: $10 for AU members; $15 for non-members.

Available from next Monday (the 10th) from any of the Arts Union Fresher Reps, at Ticket Sales on Oak Lawn on Tuesday and Wednesday, or at the door on the night.

| This is an 18+ event. ID required. Drink responsibly. |

~ Cards Against Humanity irresponsibly. ~