2 years ago

13 October, 2015

Austin Lecture Theatre (UWA)

Organised by:
UWA Arts Union

Arts Union AGM 2015
Tuesday October 13 1-2pm | Austin Lecture Theatre

1. Welcome and confirmation of sign ins
2. Executive portfolio reports
3. Listing of constitutional amendments and motions
4. Explanation of constitutional amendments and motions
5. Voting
6. Members business
7. Free pizza!

Open invitation for all students studying Arts to come along to our AGM this Tuesday from 1-2pm in the Sue Boyd room. Please note you will be required to provide proof of enrolment in order to vote on motions. Non-Arts students are welcome to attend but may not vote on motions.

Sign-ins will be conducted from 12.45. The meeting will begin promptly at 1pm and all students wishing to vote must be signed in.

AGM's provide an opportunity for Faculty Societies to report to students on the year's activities. You'll hear each portfolio holder give you a review of the year and a quick preview of what's to come in the future.

Importantly, students will vote on constitutional changes that affect how the committee is organised and the Arts Union is run, before we open nominations for our elections the following week.

Come along to find out how and when to nominate if you're interested in running for a 2016 position! Getting involved with a committee is rewarding, and a lot of fun.
Electoral regulations available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_5XzDzdiAZKb2N0TW5MNXNLZ2M/view

Free pizza will be provided (vegetarian included).


Motion 1:
That the Arts Union add a position titled Externals Vice-President to the Executive, which will oversee 1 x externals rep.

Motion 2. That the Arts Union change eligibility for appointed positions within the Constitution to be open to any student enrolled in an Arts unit.

Motion 3: That the appointed position of Publicity Officer should be under the administration of the Arts Union Secretary as opposed to the newly created Externals Vice President.

Motion 4: That the Careers and Sponsorship Officer positions should be dissolved due to the introduction of Externals Vice-President and Externals Rep.

Motions submitted late will be discussed for eligibility at the meeting.

Motions and business from members to be sent to Harriet at artsunionpresident@gmail.com by COB Sunday October 11th.