2 years ago

21 October, 2015

UWA Arts Union

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UWA Arts Union

Are you the budding Shakespeare of the 21st century? Think you could challenge the mastery of Dickens or Keats? Simply need a distraction from that 2000 word essay you've hardly made a dent in?

If you've answer yes to any of the above, or have any of your own dubious reasons, why not write for the Peacock Magazine?

The Peacock is The Arts Union premier publication featuring artistic work from student's all over campus. We're looking for articles, short stories, poetry, comics, opinion pieces, photography, art work and any other submissions that you think will make the Peacock Magazine a success!

Interested? Of course you are! Once you've finished writing your masterpieces, send them off to artspeacock@gmail.com by the 14th October to secure a coveted position in the 2015 UWA Arts Union Peacock Magazine!

Stay tuned for details on writers nights and the official publication ceremony!

Happy writing!