2 years ago

26 October, 2015

UWA Arts Union

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UWA Arts Union

Arts Union Special General Meeting

We want all students to have the opportunity to engage with the Arts Union! As such, we will be holding a second Special General Meeting (SGM) for 2015, this Monday October 26th from 1-2pm in Alexander Lecture Theatre (Arts Building). The meeting is open to all Arts students who would like to get involved and have their voice heard, and all members will have the opportunity to submit motions, business or questions for the 2015 Committee.

All Arts students (Ordinary or Financial members) have the opportunity to submit motions and business for discussion on any aspect of the Arts Union’s activities or governance. Motions and business must be sent to artsunionpresident@gmail.com with the exact wording (and a proposer/seconder for motions). The deadline for submissions of motions and business is Friday, October 23rd at 5pm. Submissions received after this time will not be accepted.

Any student enrolled in an Arts degree (BA) or major is eligible to vote. We will be holding registration for eligible voters. In order to register you will need proof of enrolment - a screenshot of your StudentConnect status of enrolment in an arts major is perfect. Registration will be open until the commencement of voting, and all registered voters will receive a voting card.If you are unable to attend the AGM but still wish to vote you may arrange a proxy. Please email artsunionpresident@gmail.com with your proof of enrolment and stated proxy voter by 12.45 on Monday 26th.

The agenda and order of business including all motions will be circulated via email to members and Facebook post by Saturday 1pm.

- No shouting, swearing or intimidation – all debates will be civil (use inside voices)
- No slanderous, defamatory or derogatory comments
- Please raise your hand if you have a question or would like to speak- Please be quiet while other people are speaking
- Anyone who breaches the meeting rules after receiving an initial warning will be removed from the venue.
- Speaking lists will be established and each speaker will have 1 minute.

Please direct questions to Harriet (President) at artsunionpresident@gmail.com