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27 October, 2015

UWA Arts Union

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UWA Arts Union

This is your opportunity to nominate and run to fill a position on the 2016 Arts Union Committee.

“Which positions are available?”

Vice-President (Social)
Vice-President (Education)
Vice-President (Equity)
Vice-President (Externals)

Elected Office Bearers
2 x Senior Social Representatives
2 x Senior Education Representatives
2 x Senior Equity Representatives
1 x Externals Representative
1 x Male Sports Representative
1 x Female Sports Representative

✎ "How do I nominate for a position?" ✎

You must be enrolled in an undergraduate Arts Major. You will need to submit a nomination form. These will be available online and in the Arts Union Common Room after the AGM. Physical nomination forms are submitted in the Common Room, while online forms are available here: http://bit.ly/1LLF3x2
You will need another Arts Major student to nominate you (you may not nominate yourself) and a current member of committee will need to second your nomination. Online forms can be submitted without a seconder, we will do it for you once received.

Nominations are open from WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 14 (after to 5pm MONDAY OCTOBER 19. Nominations received after 5pm on Monday will not be accepted.

♛ "How do I campaign?" ♛

You may design one A4 broadsheet for display in the Common Room over the three voting days, and for use on social media. This is due before the closure of nominations on MONDAY OCTOBER 19. Electoral regulations can be found in the link below. Candidates are required to abide by the electoral regulations and breaches may result in sanctions by the Returning Officers.

Voting will take place between 10am and 2pm on Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th October in the Common Room.

☑ "How do I vote?" ☑

You must be enrolled in an Arts Major. Voting takes place in the Common Room over the three days noted above. Votes are only accepted in person. All voters will require their UWA student card and proof of eligibility to vote (the easiest way of proving this is logging into Student Connect, Clicking Course and Unit under the enrolment tab, and then clicking Unit Sets).

ELECTORAL REGS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_5XzDzdiAZKb2N0TW5MNXNLZ2M/view

Arts Union questions? 0408 863 334
Returning Officers: Samuel Shenton and Jack Looby - contact: artsunionelections@gmail.com