2 years ago

10 May, 2016

Oak Lawn

Organised by:
UWA Arts Union

Join the Arts Union in Social Justice Week in raising awareness for youth homelessness with an outdoor movie. For only a gold coin donation, get ready to snuggle under the stars as we try to learn a bit more about some of the issues our society faces.

On any given night in Australia more than 100,000 people are homeless, almost half of them being young people under the age of 25. Many young people, including university students, are homeless due to domestic violence or an abusive home life.

On the night we'll not only be seeing an awesome movie, Sugar, showing us some of the realities of living on the streets, but also listening to the insights of our amazing guest speaker, Don Emanuel-Smith from the Community Engagment Division of the WA Police.

If you're feeling ready for the challenge, why not stay the night for the PAC Sleepout on Oak? With fun activities in the night and free pancakes in the morning, we know we will be!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact artsunionequity@gmail.com