1 year ago

14 September, 2016

Dolphin Theatre - UWA

Organised by:
Dramatic Society (UDS)

UDS is proud to present a double bill of two original dark comedies, Aches and Lakes, directed by Harry Goodlet and Rupert Williamson.

Act 1:
By the Door to the Bonehouse
Written by Rupert Williamson
Lights up on a room. It overflows with paraphernalia. You can barely distinguish the man wedged amongst it. His brother and sister are coming to visit. The first time in seven years. He waits amidst the tangle: books, maps, fishing rods, a handcrafted sculpture, a duvet, photographs, Christmas baubles, a hatstand, boxes, bureaus, drawers, vases, love letters; a resting woodcutter’s axe glints in the morning light.
By the Door to the Bonehouse: a comedy of the uncanny.

Act 2:
The Many Funerals of Beckett Fitzgerald
Written by Harry Goodlet
Beck Fitzgerald runs a tight ship at Fitzgerald Family Funerals. Accompanied by his wife April, and resident priest, Father West, the three offer a personal service for the dearly departed and their loved ones. However, when tragedy strikes from within, Beck's life is thrown into turmoil, with the only saving grace being the return of his estranged daughter. This dark comedy explores how those left behind deal with the death of a loved one in a world where death is prevalent at every turn.

The show runs from the 14th to the 17th of September at the Dolphin Theatre, UWA. Tickets are available on Oak Lawn at 12pm-2pm on weekdays starting August 29th or from http://ticketswa.com/event/aches-lakes

Featuring (in alphabetical order):
Allegra Di Francesco
Ben Thomas
Elsa Silberstein
Emily Gale
Giacomo Groppoli
Lauren Meyer
Lucy Rossen
Mitch Strawser
Nick Morlet
Nina Heymanson
Tim Lorian
Xavier Hazard

WHAT: UDS presents ‘Aches and Lakes’
WHEN: 14th-17th September
WHERE: Dolphin Theatre, UWA
HOW: Online through http://ticketswa.com/event/aches-lakes or Oak Lawn at 12pm-2pm on weekdays from August 29th

Concession ticket prices are available for students, pensioners, seniors, and UDS members.