1 year ago

19 August, 2016

Matilda Bay

Organised by:
Cantonese Student Association

喂 又開Sem啦! UWA 係咪想識多D新朋友仔呢? 咁你就要JOIN 我地個迎新BBQ啦! 會員都只係要比$4咋 係$4! 到時有得食又有得識朋友,仲諗? 即刻叫埋班朋友仔黎食個TEA, 識下大家啦!

時間:19/8 (Fri) 3 – 5 p.m. (可早到或中途加入)
地點:Matilday Bay 涼亭
P.S. 如果你參加呢個活動嘅話,請禁一下”JOIN”個制,唔該曬

Are you cantonese speakers? Wanna know more friends who speak cantonese ? Come along to our 2016 Sem 2 Meet and Greet at Matilda Bay.

We will provide snacks, food and drinks.

TIme: 19/8 (Fri) 3-5 pm
Location: Matilda Bay
Fees: Member: $4
Non- Member: $7

We would like to recuit more members on that day! It is just $2 top of the non-member price to become our member.

If you wanna come join us just click "going" so we can estimate how much food and drink we have to prepare :) Million THANKS :D