2 years ago

8 September, 2016

DNA Tower, Kings Park, Perth.

Organised by:
Western Australia Medical Students Society (WAMSS)

Yes it's an olympic year but the biggest buzz surrounding sport in 2016 is the return of the Hunt Cup.

Dust off your running shoes and start your plyometric warm up now as this event cannot be missed. Utilising only the negative gradients of our very own King's Park, the 5km saunter through the trees begins at the DNA tower, and finishes on Oak Lawn, mere metres from the revered tavern where prizes will be awarded.

Compete for your year, a reason not to study and of course, personal glory (+ W!k3d trophy). If you haven’t run since Kevin Rudd was PM or you started MD, never fear we encourage everyone to get around it and go your own pace.

Remember to wear your year colours: associates yellow, 1st year red, 2nd years blue, 3rd years black and 6th years white.

A lot of controversy is surrounding the event with the key position statements to date as follows:

"I've wanted to run in something ever since I ran (and won) the first year rep election" -Dhanushke (first year rep, full time running enthusiast)

"I reckon I'm going to win it this year" -Danielle Malatsky (all talk, 0 running capability)

"I'm an Australian sporting legend. Should be an easy win" -Tim Hardy (actually an Australian sporting superstar)

"I'm assured med" -Jack Dewsbury (favourite to win it, won't hear the end of it if he doesn’t)

If you hear any other chat or quotes on the street regarding the event, please post