2 years ago

3 June, 2016

UWAnime Clubroom Level 2 Cameron Hall

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UWA Anime Club (UWAnime)

The position of UWAnime President will be vacated and is open to anyone and everyone who's a member of the club, and has a vision and direction for the club as a whole. What is required if you wish to nominate yourself is to prepare a presidential speech about your intentions for the club that is no longer than 2 minutes with additional time allotted for questions that may be asked. The President that is voted in this meeting will only hold office till our next Annual General Meeting, which is held at the end of second semester.

In the event that any of our current committee is voted into Presidency their respective positions shall also be opened to members for nominations. Please find attached a copy of our nomination forms that will be available in the club room for filling out. The forms must be passed on to current committee so that your nomination can be considered during the Special General Meeting. Nomination will close on Thursday 2nd of June at 5pm.