2 years ago

31 May, 2016

UWA Business School 261 & 262

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So it’s come to that point in the semester where most of us are ten lectures behind in the infamous ACCT1101, and have come to the unfortunate realisation that going to uni actually kind of entails… you know… getting a degree. It’s accrual world.

If you’re a UWA fresher currently studying ACCT1101, ECON1101, MGMT1135, MKTG1203 or STAT1520 with the intention of passing, and you like good food, good vibes and good people, ECOMS is here to supply what you demand with the ECOMS Fresher Study Night!

This event will include a bunch of awesome tutors, textbooks, past exam papers and all your other study essentials, as well as enough pizza and soft drink to satisfy your hardworking bodies. The best part? IT'S FREEEEE!!

Remember to bring your laptops and books, and don’t be afraid to use the opportunity to ask any questions you need answering!